Longwitz Organisation & Consulting
Salzhausstr. 15
2503 Biel

Tel. +41 (0)32 512 61 19
Mob. +41 (0)78 867 62 54


Partnership with our clients

Together with you I work out solutions in your interest.
As your partner I offer you
  • an in depth conversation in order to understand your goals, problems, and questions
  • an offer that matches your expectations
  • close collaboration in every phase of a project
  • engagement and reliability

I support my clients according to their needs and focused on solutions.

Long lasting partnerships

I seek long lasting and personal partnerships with my clients. A lasting relationship is more important to me than short term profits.

Accordingly I work out lasting solutions. I am your consultant and partner, from our first meeting to the completion of our contract, and beyond.

Certainly, I also offer quick solutions for wherever they are needed.

 W. Selarep / iStockphoto

I am looking forward to your inquiry: Contact