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Time Management

My time management program

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Individually, for groups, or for the whole team.

My Service

With workshops and individual coaching I support you in better organising your work. You will become able to achieve more in the same amount of time, or to accomplish the same results more easily and in less time. Most of all, you will learn how to achieve what is important to you!
From my experience I know that the theory and methods of time management are easy to learn. A good workshop, a good book and a bit of practice are enough. What's more difficult is the lasting implementation of these methods in your daily life: the good intentions are quickly forgotten, or some of the "universally valid" rules somehow fail in your special case. Therefore I offer not only training, but also support in finding and implementing methods that work for you - until they work for you.

My Time Management Tool

Use my time management software that I developed and applied for several years. It helps you to organise your time more easily: with TiDy - Time Management & Diary you create an overview of your tasks, set priorities, plan every day with ease and control your success.

At work, TiDy also serves to record your working hours. How much time did you spend on which project? The report function of TiDy supplies that information any time you need it.

To get an idea about TiDy, please download the manual here. You may download and use the software for free.


People have organised their days since time began. But it was only with the advent of industrialization that the complexity of our lives increased so much that formal planning became necessary for many people. Especially at work the organisational requirements have not ceased to increase.
The theory of time management was born in 1910 when Arnold Bennett wrote his book "How to Live on 24 Hours a Day". Since then progress in the field has been significant. Experts like Alec Mackenzie ("The Time Trap", 1972), Lothar Seiwert ("Mehr Zeit für das Wesentliche", 1982), and Stephen Covey ("The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People", 1989) became widely known and their practices adopted. More recently David Allen created a new trend with his "Getting Things Done" (2001).
Time management has become a necessity for most working people – employed or self-employed –, while professional training often lags behind the needs. In 2006 it has become the mission of Longwitz Organisation & Consulting to fulfil those needs.

Why you?

Of course you have your own methods to plan your life and your days. Up to now you may feel that everything is going pretty well. And when you get stressed that is usually because of others, anyway: your boss, colleagues, or even clients. Nothing you can do about it. So why should you invest time and money to learn more about time management?
You are probably doing your job well and finishing many tasks. But how do you know if you are doing the right tasks? Do you write down your plans, do you set priorities and stick to them? Do you deal with interruptions and new situations in a smart way?
If you are happy with your life, if you have clear goals and usually reach them, and rarely feel stressed, then there's no reason to change anything. On the other hand, if you often feel stressed and pushed by the clock, and sometimes still don’t get as far as you want to, then better time management could be the solution for you.
Time management offers simple methods to make you work more effectively so that you accomplish what is important to you more easily and then have more time left for the fundamental things in your life.

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